Client testimonials


We educate our clients!

"Many thanks to Tracee G Anderson, CPA, LLC for the business consultation this week. Ballroom Alchemy is on track. PSA of the day: visit your CPA BEFORE you run into issues or are faced with $3000+ tax penalties from the IRS. For all biz owners, I highly recommend Tracee G. Anderson for accounting services! She's got the experience to make sure you aren't leaving $$$ on the table. And she empowers you with invaluable business knowledge!" - C. Ikein, Ballroom Alchemy

We are proactive!

"Thank you so much for your patience with us.  We can not tell you how much we appreciate you.  Not only did you save us thousands of dollars, you stayed on top of us to ensure that we stayed with the plan that you came up for us."

 - L. Williams, Oganic Cosmetics

We are dedicated!

"If you are looking for a professional and efficient tax preparer or accountant I highly recommend consulting with Mrs. Gray.  Highly dedicated, devoted, detailed oriented and results driven." - S. Harris

We advise!

Tracee was recommended to me by my financial advisors at Northwestern Mutual. I was told that she was incredible at her work – and she did not disappoint. I just started a business and was getting my financial documentation together. Tracee mapped out a plan for me right in front of my eyes. She asked all the right questions and gave all the right answers. She even connected me with individuals who would be able to help me with other logistical systems of my business. I'm set now. I owe it in large part to Tracee G. Anderson. - T. Wharton